Light up the Night – Meet Yoel Zilberman

JNF UK is bringing together Jewish teens and young adults to showcase the pioneer spirit at the … [Continue Reading]

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JNF UK Clinical Research Scholars Programme Welcomes New Doctors

JNF UK is thrilled to welcome four young doctors aboard its Clinical Research Scholars Programme … [Continue Reading]


Holocaust Survivors’ Club: JNF UK meets Roi Ellner

JNF UK recently met with Roi Ellner, a social worker employed by Israel’s Holocaust Survivors’ … [Continue Reading]


JNF UK Funds Provide Ashdod’s Budding Entrepreneurs a New Platform

TheHive Ashdod, a project supported by JNF UK, has recently completed its second successful … [Continue Reading]


Rosh Hashanah Appeal 2014

Karin lives in Kiryat Gat and has Lymphoma. She attends Ruach Dromit, an organisation funded by JNF UK specialising in treating cancer patients and their families. This Rosh Hashanah please help people like Karin as they fight cancer. Click here to learn more.

The Way of the Land – Meeting Derech Eretz

Nitzana: When Yonatan Kischnovsky first arrived here he led 23 prospective students to a patch of dusty ground and asked them to close their eyes.Click here to learn more.

Our Iconic Blue Box

The JNF Blue Box has embodied the hopes and aspirations of the Jewish people for 110 years. This powerful symbol of Jewish unity, and one of the world’s most iconic symbols of Zionism, began from a simple Click here to learn more.

Light up the Night

JNF UK is bringing together Jewish teens and young adults to showcase the pioneer spirit at the heart of Israel's success. On the night we want you to feel that you are in Israel in the world of HaShomer HaChadash. Click here to learn more.

JNF UK’s Annual Senior Legacy Mission to Israel

JNF UK recently took 34 participants on their annual Senior Legacy Mission to Israel. The participants spent 9 action packed days touring Israel giving them an opportunity to learn first-hand… Click here to learn more.

How many hours can you give us?

We need you to give us your time. Please help us to collect Blue Boxes from across the country. If you think you can spare a few hours a month to help us, please contact us today. Click here to learn more.
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