Blue Box Sunday

Volunteers from across London helped JNF UK collect and distribute Blue Boxes as the charity held … [Continue Reading]


JNF UK Standing Together With Israel

  A specific emergency fund set up by JNF UK has been made available to organisations in … [Continue Reading]


Derech Eretz 2.0: Post-Military Community Building

Derech Eretz is a pre-military programme, which prepares young Israelis from working-class and … [Continue Reading]


Plant a Tree in Israel

A gift that will sustain for generations... Planting a tree is a meaningful way to commemorate … [Continue Reading]


How many hours can you give us?

We need you to give us your time. Please help us to collect Blue Boxes from across the country. If you think you can spare a few hours a month to help us, please contact us today. Click here to learn more.

How JNF UK is helping Israel

Our funded programme Hashomer Ha’chadash, has established an operations room, 'Chamal', in the area of the Negev under constant missile attack. Helping vulnerable Negev communities, the programme is training and equipping Click here to learn more.

Fallen Angel

Oren Noah was one of the first volunteers with the JNF funded project HaShomer HaChadash (The New Guardians). Last month, at the age of 22, Oren was killed in Gaza when his vehicle was hit by a missile. Click here to learn more.

Rosh Hashana Appeal 2014

Karin lives in Kiryat Gat and has Lymphoma. She attends Ruach Dromit, an organisation funded by JNF UK specialising in treating cancer patients and their families. This Rosh Hashana please help people like Karin as they fight cancer. Click here to learn more.

Our Iconic Blue Box

The JNF Blue Box has embodied the hopes and aspirations of the Jewish people for 110 years. This powerful symbol of Jewish unity, and one of the world’s most iconic symbols of Zionism, began from a simple Click here to learn more.

Israel Under Fire

We are working tirelessly with Negev communities who have been under constant rocket attack. Watch this video to see the effects on the communities and the work we are doing to ensure they stay safe and have vital provisions Click here to watch Israel Under Fire.
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