The Eshkol Music School

The Eshkol Music School is an initiative to provide a world-class, intensive, performing arts … [Continue Reading]


Sderot Park and Playground

  JNF UK is improving the quality of life for the embattled residents of the front-line town of … [Continue Reading]


Derech Eretz 2.0: Post-Military Community Building

Derech Eretz is a pre-military programme, which prepares young Israelis from working-class and … [Continue Reading]


The Lord Sacks Forest

"There is no honour we have received or could receive that is greater than to have a forest … [Continue Reading]


Tzipi Livni Event

Join us for a live interview and audience Q&A with Israel's Minister of Justice and Chief Negotiator in the Israel-Palestine peace talk, Tzipi Livni. Livni will be addressing the Middle East peace process and the two-state solution. Please click here for event details.

JNF Legacy Mission – May 2014

Join us for an extraordinary opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Israel’s pioneers and be truly inspired. Travel the length and breadth of Israel in comfort and in style, exploring the country’s hidden gems as well as its best known features. Click here to learn more.

Yerucham Early Childhood Centre Appeal

Our iconic Green Sunday Appeal is raising funds to build an Early Childhood Centre for 'at risk' and special needs newborns and children up to the age of six, in the remote town of Yerucham in the Negev desert. Click here to learn more.

JNF Blue Box

The JNF Blue Box has embodied the hopes and aspirations of the Jewish people for nearly 110 years. This powerful symbol of Jewish unity, and one of the world’s most iconic symbols of Zionism, began from a simple Click here to learn more.
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