JNF UK Standing Together With Israel

  A specific emergency fund set up by JNF UK has been made available to organisations in … [Continue Reading]


Threatened day-in day-out by missiles

Communities in the Negev are threatened day-in day-out by missiles. It is always a shock when a community which has not previously been affected is suddenly at the forefront of a conflict. Click here to learn more.

Providing funds for vital equipment

We are providing funds for vital equipment ensuring a safe-haven for the children of Sha’ar Hanagev. Not all the infrastructure in this community is blast-proofed, which is why maintaining shelters to a high standard are so important. Click here to learn more.

Children under fire

Fifteen seconds is the difference between life and death for families in Sderot. Sderot is a town suffering from the constant threat of missiles, with over 8,000 fired at them in the last 14 years Click here to learn more.

Established an operations room in the Negev

Our funded programme Hashomer Ha’chadash, has established an operations room, 'Chamal', in the area of the Negev under constant missile attack. Helping vulnerable Negev communities, the programme is training and equipping Click here to learn more.
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