JNF UK is honoured by the City of Angels

The Negev town of Kiryat Malachi (City of Angels) put out the flags on Monday, May 9, to thank JNF UK for their commitment to changing and improving the town.

JNF UK has taken on over ten projects in Kiryat Malachi, aimed at giving the residents a better quality of life and making the town more attractive for future citizens.

Kiryat Malachi’s mayor, Eliyahu Lalo Zohar, presenting a certificate of appreciation to JNF’s chairman, Samuel Hayek, and to KKL Israel Co-Chairman Dr Uzi Landau, said: “JNF UK is changing the face of the Negev, and Kiryat Malachi”.

Combining the “thank-you” ceremonies with the town’s Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations, the day featured three kindergarten inaugurations — JNF UK plans to renovate 10 state kindergartens in all, including one for special needs children — and a cornerstone ceremony for a projected new youth centre. Members of the donor families attended from the UK.

The three kindergartens are named in honour of Fritzi Waters, Bella Robinson-Zel, and Sylvia and John Williams.

More than 2,000 Kiryat Malachi residents attended the event, including 1500 children. During the kindergarten inaugurations children presented short performances about Yom Ha’atzmaut.

Samuel Hayek told the crowd: “We are proud of JNF UK’s determination to change the face of the Negev, one town at a time. Our donors are such strong Israel supporters and we have found wonderful enthusiasm and feedback for the projects we are undertaking in Kiryat Malachi.”

JNF UK has been involved with Kiryat Malachi since 2015 and has committed itself to a number of projects in the town. These include: renovation of 8 state kindergartens, renovating a rundown public space through the creation of a children’s playground, outdoor gym, garden and upgrading the current football/basketball court, renovation of the outside area of the community centre, as well as refurbishing and equipping the centre’s dedicated club for the deaf, building a youth centre and developing the entrances into Kiryat Malachi.