JNF UK picks Etrogs on Sukkot Trip to the Negev

A group of over 60 people visited various JNF UK projects in Israel for a day trip on Wednesday.

The first stop was Haluzit where many evacuees from Gaza who were forced to leave in 2008, now live. The group met the Chief Rabbi of the IDF who spoke about the JNF UK supported leadership academy that he set up which helps thousands of religious youngsters prepare for and excel during their service in the army.

The next stop was visiting the Salad Trail, located on a beautiful Moshav in the Negev. The Salad Trail has succeeded in turning the desert green by growing salad produce using Israels finest innovations in agricultural technology. The group apte lunch on the Moshav including salads which they had hand-picked themselves.

After this the group travelled to pick their own Etrogim from a field, with permission from the Minister of Agriculture.

The day ended with a visit to the Bikurim Performing Arts School in Eshkol where some students played a few songs and explained how their school gives opportunities to gifted students in the Negev who otherwise would not be able to follow their dreams.

If you would like to join the next day trip to the Negev email us here or call 020 8732 6100.