Israeli Diplomat Praises JNF Donors’ Vision

Director of Diplomacy at the Israeli Embassy, Rony Yedidia-Klein praised the vision and support of JNF UK donors in the face of adversity. Speaking at an exclusive pre-Chanukah gathering for some of the charity’s legacy clients, she drew attention to the importance of fostering bilateral links between the UK and Israel, as well as encouraging support for Israel on university campuses and with Christian friends groups across the UK. She congratulated those JNF supporters who intend to leave legacies to Israel in their wills for their important contribution.

Attendees also heard about JNF UK’s continuing dedication to the developing the Negev region of Israel, in order to help its poorer communities and allow a new generation of Israelis to thrive in newly redeveloped towns and cities.

Carolyn Addleman, Director of Legacies, said “Israel’s most important resource is its people. That’s why JNF UK supports projects from childhood centres through to services for Holocaust survivors, as well as a range of projects in towns experiencing social and economic hardship. It’s thanks to the support of the JNF’s legacy donors that we can ensure the best future for Israel, enabling the older generation to underpin the future success of the Jewish people.”

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