Fires Appeal Update

The fires which swept rapidly across parts of Israel in November caused destruction and damage to thousands of people’s homes. In Haifa alone nearly 60,000 people had to leave their homes, as entire neighbourhoods had to be evacuated. Tragically, some had no homes to return to after the fires were brought under control.

JNF UK jumped into action to help two organisations which were dealing with the emergency on the ground. Lev Echad and Lev Chash were at the forefront of the support effort. A National Emergency Centre coordinated around 200 volunteers including those from pre-army programmes (Mechinot), and others from the local population of Haifa. They took in those evacuated from their homes and also patrolled during the night to ensure new fires weren’t started. They arranged for the delivery of donated goods across the country to those in need as a result of the fires. For the 500 families who lost everything in the fires, provision of furniture, electrical appliances, linens, blankets, towels crockery, cutlery and more is also being taken care of.

Your support ensures that the people who suffered in the fires can start to rebuild their lives. Every pound that you give will make a difference to Israeli families struggling to get back on their feet again. With your help, we will give them a solid foundation for rebuilding their lives, and help them through the hardest stages of restoring normality after the chaos.