Over Pesach, JNF UK held its first ever day trip in Israel focused on technology and innovation projects which the charity supports. JNF UK supporters in Israel over the holiday period were shown a side of the Negev most do not usually see.

Starting the day at Hatzerim Air Force Base, participants gained an insight into the IAF, thanks to its open-air museum which gave them a chance to see some of the most sophisticated aircraft and technologies used by the air force. Later, they had the opportunity to see the Carasso Science Park in Be’er Sheva, visiting the cutting edge laboratories that JNF UK funded, and seeing first-hand how 3D printers work. This new facility has brought residents and children of the Negev new learning experiences and opportunities previously unavailable to them.

The tour also stopped in Arad, a town overlooking the Dead Sea, where the participants were welcomed by the town’s Mayor, Nissan Ben Hamo, who spoke about the important partnership the town has with JNF UK. He explained that, without the generosity of JNF donors, the changes being made in the town would not be possible. Members of the Joy Bickler Youth Centre, which JNF UK is renovating, showed the group around and explained its importance in their lives. As well as providing an entertainment venue and giving young residents of Arad a convenient space to socialise, the new centre features a guidance and training area and also provides a home for the city’s Youth Council and a venue for IDF orientation classes.

The day ended with a wine tasting from the Yatir Winery; participants sampled local boutique wines, learning about the burgeoning Israeli wine scene. This took place in another JNF UK supported project, the Young Adult Centre.

Yonatan Galon, JNF UK’s representative in Israel, said “Pesach is when we celebrate our historic freedom and JNF UK builds on the modern-day freedom of the Jewish state every single day, through increasing cultural, scientific, technological and health opportunities. JNF UK is proud to be helping so many in the south and, with the generous support of the Jewish community in the UK, we are seeing the results of strengthening this part of the Jewish homeland.”

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