JNF UK holds Seder for Legacy Clients

Welcoming clients to their new offices in Brent Street Hendon, Carolyn Addleman, Director of Legacies, commented how poignant it was to be celebrating the coming out of Egypt with clients whose legacies were focused on developing the Negev, the same area where the Israelites travelled over 3000 years ago.

The early Seder, which took place on 3rd April, was led by David Goodman, Director of Community Relations.  The event was sponsored by a number of private donors who wanted to make sure that particularly at this time of the year people would not be celebrating alone.

Guests warmly contributed to the reading of the Haggadah and shared experiences of past Seder nights. One local guest in her late eighties, had not been out of her flat for several weeks, but  decided to make a special effort in order to participate in the event.  Another gentleman in his nineties, who led some of the reading, noted that the last Seder he had participated in was nearly 40 years ago.  Guests sang with gusto the final song “next year in Jerusalem.”

Through their close ties with JNF UK, those in attendance were not only able to mark the historic story of the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt, but also to celebrate their own part in strengthening Israel’s future.