Ten Years of Achievements for JNF UK supported Gvahim

Last week JNF UK attended an event at Tel Aviv University to celebrate ten year’s of Gvahim’s success.

Non-profit organisation Gvahim, who JNF UK have been supporting since 2013, assist highly qualified Olim to find their places within the Israeli workforce – the first step towards a successful Aliyah.

JNF UK support two of Gvahim’s programmes:

TheHive, a programme in which entrepreneurial olim and Israelis are guided by a group of experts in order to help them establish their own start-ups and standalone companies. Click here to find out more about this programme.

The Gvahim International Talent Hub Programme aims to place professionals from Europe and North America into high-profile positions in hi-tech, academia, and healthcare services in the Negev. Click here to find out more about this programme.

During the event, Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi, Chairman of the Rashi Foundation praised the success of Gvahim whose merits include 3000 alumni, 650 partnering companies and 20M ILS raised by start-ups from theHive.