JNF UK’s Sukkot Day Trip to the Negev took place on Monday 9 October. The group toured the Negev region close to the Gaza Strip and experienced the challenges and creativity of people living there.

Tour participants started the day meeting the staff and pupils of the Eden residential home in Kibbutz Karmia. This unique care home and school for abused teenage girls concentrates specifically on the needs of girls who have experienced traumatic abuse. JNF UK has been raising money for Eden through its Rosh Hashanah appeal and the visit allowed supporters from the UK to see exactly how their involvement is improving the lives of these girls. Read more about Eden Karmia here.

Next stop was Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, the biggest producer of honey in the country and site of a famous War of Independence battle.

After lunch the group headed to Moshav Netiv HaAsara, which sits only meters from the Gaza border.  The group saw the grey concrete wall separating the Gaza Strip from the Moshav.

The day ended on a high with a visit to the JNF UK-supported project Krembo Wings – the only inclusive youth movement for children and young people in Israel with severe special needs. The group enjoyed meeting some of the lively young people who attend the programme and saw, first-hand, the benefit these youth get from attending. Read more about Krembo Wings here.

Naama Fuss, JNF UK representative in Israel, said: “The trip strengthened the connection between the British Jewish community and JNF UK’s projects in Israel. For over one hundred years, JNF UK has helped Israel deal with its challenges thanks to the generosity of British Jews. Today, the challenges have changed, but our donors’ dedication has not. The Negev region is particularly important to the state of Israel and organisations like Eden Karmia are playing an important part in Israel’s future, looking after some of the most vulnerable people in the country. The trip allowed this group of British Jews to witness first hand what it is like to live near the Gaza Strip.”