JNF UK and the municipality of Yerucham held a special dedication ceremony on 19th October at the Stanley Grossmith Music Conservatory in Yerucham.

In the presence of Mr Grossmith’s widow, Patricia Grossmith, local residents and a UK delegation from the JNF UK Legacy Mission were addressed by the Mayor of Yerucham. The main sign at the entrance to the conservatory was unveiled in memory of Stanley Grossmith, and a blessing was said as the centre’s mezuzah was installed.

Stanley Grossmith was a lifelong supporter of JNF UK, contributing over the years to many projects in the Negev towns of Sderot and Yerucham. He left a generous donation to this project, and also had a kindergarten in Yerucham named after him.

In 1956, Mr Grossmith co-founded Brecker Grossmith in Wigmore Street, developing one of the most dynamic and best known commercial property firms in the heart of London’s West End. The company was known for training generations of leading agency negotiators and chartered surveyors.

JNF UK is involved with the renovation and expansion of the existing music conservatory in Yerucham. The conservatory, like other public buildings in the town, was previously in a state of disrepair and had become too small to meet current demand. The renovation includes six soundproofed rehearsal rooms, an upgraded concert hall and the installation of new technical equipment. A new wing will comprise five additional rehearsal rooms. Soon, every child in Yerucham will be able to receive music lessons.

Michael Biton, the Mayor of Yerucham, said “Stanley Grossmith and his family’s contribution to our town will make a positive impact on the lives of not just the children and adults who use the conservatory now, but also those in generations to come. We greatly appreciate JNF UK’s work in connecting the British Jewish community to our town, and are especially thankful for the legacy of Mr Grossmith and others like him who choose to help Israel both during and after their lives.”

Carolyn Addleman, Director of Legacies of JNF UK said “JNF UK is proud of its work in the Negev. We nurture the relationship between Israel and those in the UK who are determined to help it continue to thrive. Our legacy mission this year has been an enormous success. Stanley Grossmith’s legacy provides a wonderful example to all of us.  We are delighted that we could share this special occasion with our future legacy clients, who have enjoyed this varied and exciting trip to Israel as well as our year-round programme of exclusive events specifically designed for them.”