Notes of Hope concert receives global attention

JNF UK’s Notes of Hope, the extraordinary world premiere concert of music written in Nazi concentration camps, has received global attention. Click on the links below to read the articles and watch various video clips from newspapers and sites around the world.

7th May 2018
NewStatesman (online)

20th April 2018
Jewish Chronicle (print)
Jewish Telegraph (print)

19th April 2018
Jewish News (print)

18 April 2018
The Jerusalem Post (online)
Jewish News (online)
Jewish Chronicle (online)

17 April 2018
The Guardian (print)
The Daily Express (print)

16 April 2018
Radio 4 Today Programme

The Guardian (online)
The Daily Express (online)
BBC News (online)

13 April 2018
Jerusalem Post Magazine  pages 8-11 (print)
Jerusalem Post (online)
NBC (online)
LA Times (online)

12 April 2018
The Times of Israel (online)

11 April 2018
Channel 2 News (broadcast and online)

23 March 2018
The Sun (online)

20 March 2018
Music News (online)

18 March 2018
Sunday Telegraph (print)
The Telegraph (online)

12 March 2018
Jewish Chronicle (online)
Jewish News (online)

11 March 2018
Sunday Express (print)
Sunday Express (online)

9 March 2018
Jewish Telegraph (print)

7 March 2018
NPR (USA) (online)

1 March 2018
The Guardian (print)
The Guardian (online)