Press Release

A contingent of around 40 Israel supporters spent a day visiting the Negev on a day trip organised by JNF UK. The trip gave holiday makers the opportunity to see a different side of Israel from the usual holiday hotspots and connect with the land.

The tour started with a visit to Kibbutz Sde Boker – the home and gravestone of Israel’s first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion’s. Details were given about his life, about his wish to live his final years in the Negev and of his vision of making the Negev green, not just by planting trees but by through life and education. For over a decade JNF UK has been fulfilling this vision by working to enhance all aspects of life in Israel’s underdeveloped south.

Another highlight of the day, aside from the Kosher for Pesach lunch, was a tour of Yerucham, with the dynamic young female Mayor, Tal Ohana. Tal shared her personal story of what it is like to be a young leader in Israel and Mayor of a town going through major regeneration. During the tour participants got to see how JNF UK has been supporting the Mayor’s plans by visiting a few JNF UK-funded projects within the town. These included the Yerucham Music Conservatory which has been recently renovated and expanded by the charity. Guests were treated to a special performance by students and enjoyed refreshments and wine from the local area.

Yonatan Galon, Chief Executive of JNF UK said, “It was fantastic to build a connection between our donors in Britain with the Negev and we hope to run many more trips in the future.”

JNF UK is the UK’s oldest Israel charity, it was formally registered as a charity in 1939, its precursor was the Jewish National Fund, which was established in 1901.

JNF UK is committed to building and supporting people living across Israel’s underdeveloped peripheries. From improving education and welfare to boosting employment opportunities, afforestation, healthcare and cultural activities, JNF UK works on projects aimed at improving all areas of life for Israelis of all backgrounds and ages. Website: