KKL Summer Day Trip to Holocaust Museum

Clients and friends of KKL Executor and Trustee – JNF UK’s legacy arm – visited the National Holocaust Centre and Museum in Newark for their summer day trip. Blessed with gorgeous weather, the day was deeply moving and thought-provoking for everyone involved.

Otherwise known as Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre, the centre is the only national Holocaust museum in the UK. Remarkably, it was founded by a non-Jewish family who were determined to raise awareness and understanding of the genocide. James and Stephen Smith were inspired to open the centre after visiting Yad Vashem, Israel’s national Holocaust museum, and realising how lacking their education about the subject had been.

The highlight of the day was the opportunity to hear first-hand from Simon Winston, a Holocaust Survivor. The KKL group were joined by numerous schoolchildren, who were there to learn more about the terrible events that Simon experienced.

Simon concentrated on discussing the lessons that could be learnt from the Holocaust, with an emphasis on the impact that prejudice can have. He encouraged the school children to discuss prejudice amongst themselves, warning of the dire consequences if it wasn’t challenged – including abuse, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.

The KKL participants also got to visit the museum itself. One exhibition in particular stood out to the attendees. Reflecting the emphasis on making the Holocaust relatable and understandable to young visitors, ‘The Journey’ followed the path of a (fictional) Jewish child who survives Nazi persecution via the Kindertransport.

Irene Caplan, who regularly enjoys KKL’s events, said: “It was a very special day. All praise to the Smith family and all the volunteers. Thanks to KKL for taking us.”