Press Release: JNF UK mask competition celebrates Israel

Jewish schools from across the UK have participated in a JNF UK competition to design face masks for children in Israel. Nearly 1000 pupils from 14 different schools participated in the contest, submitting designs they have drawn and painted themselves. Many of the schools are JNF UK partner schools, receiving funding from the charity to promote their connection to Israel.

With masks being sent from London, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow, winners will be chosen from three different age groups. These will be selected by a panel of judges, including Zoom Rockman, a cartoonist who was employed by the Beano while still at school and Nic Abery, Director and founder of LooktoLearn and creator of Israel70: Building Artistic Connections.

The designs of the three selected winners will be manufactured and distributed to schools in Israel’s peripheral regions. The hope is that these colourful gifts will bring some joy in areas that have been badly affected by the pandemic.

Charles Lossos, CEO of JNF UK, commented:

“It’s been amazing to see the enthusiasm of so many children, parents and schools for this idea. The vision of JNF UK’S education grants was to help bring the pupils in our schools closer to Israel, and this competition has shown how this is possible even during these challenging times.”

Yolande Pieters, Jewish Studies Leader at Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School, commented:

“Thanks to our partnership with JNF UK, we have really been able to connect our children in real and relevant ways to the people of Israel. Designing face masks for Israelis made us realise that we have another connection and that we were able to offer our best wishes and support in this way.”