Press Release: JNF UK masks arrive in Israel

Children across the south of Israel are now wearing colourful new masks – designed by three pupils from the UK.

In November 2020 JNF UK ran a national competition that resulted in nearly 1000 pupils from 14 different schools submitting mask designs that they had drawn and painted themselves. With the help of a panel of judges, three entries from three different age groups were chosen.

The three designs have now been manufactured and are being distributed to hundreds of pupils across the south of Israel, providing the children with vibrant masks that also keep them safe.

Three schools are receiving the masks: Gevim School in Be’er Sheva, Noam School in Bnei Dekalim, and Eli Cohen School in Kiryat Malachi. All three locations are areas that JNF UK has an ongoing relationship with as part of its commitment to investing in Israel’s peripheral regions.

Israel Yokel, Headmaster of Noam School, commented:

“We are very grateful to have been chosen to receive these wonderful masks with their beautiful designs. It means a lot to be given these reminders of the connection between the Jewish people here and our Jewish family abroad. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon!”

The three winners were:

Ages 3-5: Monty Stateman (3) from Brodetsky Primary School, Leeds.

Ages 6-8: Keitlin Bambans (7) from Mathilda Marks-Kennedy School, London.

Ages 9-11: Eden (10) from Etz Chaim, London.