JNF UK standing together with Israel

A message from our Interim Chief Executive Officer:
I am sure that you have been closely following the ongoing situation in Israel. I know that many of you, like myself, will have friends and family who have now spent several days facing an unprecedented barrage of rockets. This is a stark reminder that while we live in peace and safety here, Israelis live under a constant threat of attack.
JNF UK has always stood with Israel and now our staff – both there and here in the UK – are working hard to support those affected by this violence. Our efforts in the south are now more vital than ever, as communities such as Sderot and Ashkelon are the hardest hit by these events while still reeling from the effects of Covid.
I want to give you an update on a very specific project that is especially significant at the moment. Over the last few years, JNF UK has worked hard to prepare for the next emergency in Israel, whether natural or man-made. The result of all our experience and knowledge is our Disaster Relief Units – unique trailers filled with all the resources such as communication equipment that are required during a crisis.
Just as importantly, we have also begun training hundreds of dedicated young leaders who are committed to supporting their local communities when the need arises.
These leaders are now in action, coordinating with local municipalities to assist in any way they can. For example, Israeli doctors and nurses are currently working overtime to deal with those affected by the violence, as well as trying to maintain a relatively normal service under abnormal conditions. With schools across the country closed, they would be worrying about their children at home – except our DRU teams are now looking after them in bomb shelters, keeping them safe and happy amidst these challenging times. As and when the situation changes, so too our young leaders will adapt to help where they can.
The DRU project is only the latest example of the practical support we give to Israel. For years we have been strengthening the communities in the underdeveloped peripheral regions. We are very proud to have built the vital bomb shelters and even bomb-proof playgrounds that are now protecting lives. We continue to support these communities because we believe every Israeli citizen has the right to thrive, not just survive, even when facing the threat of terrorism.
I would like to thank all our staff but especially the team in Israel, all of whom are working tirelessly around the clock to give our support to anyone who needs it while also keeping their families safe.
We all pray for better days in Israel and hope this violence will end soon.
Dr Shai Bezalely
Interim Chief Executive Officer, JNF UK