NRPS pupils connect with their friends in Israel – virtually!

Year 5 & Year 6 pupils at Nancy Reuben Primary School are connecting with friends from Negev-Sinai as part of their twinning school project. Just as COVID-19 hit the world, Nancy Reuben pupils kept in touch with their twin school through emails, sending videos, and even had Zoom calls with fun activities for both sets of students to participate in. 

The pupils enjoyed the various activites which also included a virtual tour of Minharot Hakotel.  

Our Israel Education Facilitator, Sari, gave us a little bit more insight into the twinning project at NRPS.

What is the name of your twin school in Israel?
Negev Sinai

Where is the school located?
In Ramat HaNegev

Is it a mixed boys’ and girls’ school?
Yes, however Y4-Y6 are separated between boys and girls. 

Have you ever visited the school?
Yes, I was there two years ago.

Have Nancy Reuben pupils ever visited the school?
At least two pupils have physically visited it – so far!

Did you manage to keep in contact with the school during lockdown? How did it work?
Yes, most of the time. We had one mutual Zoom last year and we kept on sending each other videos and greeting cards via email. 

What has been the most successful aspect of the school twinning project?
The real life connection between London students and Israel, using Zoom. We also had the Tu Bishvat project two years ago and in NRPS we made a garden from the seeds Negev-Sinai sent us. 

What plans do you have for the future with your twin school?
We are still working on our future plans; in the meantime we have one last Zoom meeting before we break for the summer holiday.