JNF UK’s Vice Chairman Gideon Falter tours several life-changing projects

Last week JNF UK’s Vice Chairman Gideon Falter went on a tour of several life-changing projects that we are supporting in the Negev, seeing first-hand how we are helping people from all walks of life. You can see some of the highlights of the trip in the video below, including Gideon’s inspiring speech to the graduates of the Derech Eretz leadership programme:

In the video, you can see the following projects:

  1. The leadership programme in Nahal Oz, which is bringing enthusiastic young people into this small community to help rejuvenate it after years of missile attacks from Gaza.
  2. Our unique Disaster Relief Units, which are packed full of all the equipment and information that is needed during an emergency, such as during the recent bombardment of rockets into Israel by Hamas
  3. The JNF UK-supported Ezra Le’Marpe Rehabilitation Centre in Sderot, providing thousands of people across southern Israel access to free physical and psychological therapies.
  4. The building site for a brand new high school in Sderot, replacing the current building which is old and does not give adequate protection from rockets.
  5. The Arad campus of the Derech Eretz leadership programme, which offers teenagers from across the region the opportunity to develop their skills and self-confidence.

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