KKL E&T Co takes out some of their legacy clients of JNF UK to Hampton Court Palace

On 30 June 2022 the team at KKL, together with some of their legacy clients of JNF UK, enjoyed a fascinating day out at Hampton Court Palace.

Participants were treated to a tour guide’s in-depth knowledge of the palace and the royals who resided within it all those years ago. Attendees enjoyed looking at Henry VIII’s kitchen and apartments, the most impressive room was the Great Hall which was designed to flaunt his wealth. He and his courtiers would sit and have dinner and supper there every day and were positioned according to where they were on the hierarchy of courtiers; the more senior the individual, the closer they sat to the King at the Head Table.

Everyone then enjoyed a delicious picnic for lunch. After the refreshments, some of the group went to have a look at the Baroque section of the palace that was renovated by King William III and Queen Mary II, who ruled together several centuries later. These were the King and Queen’s Apartments.

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