JNF UK Succot Day Trip 2022

celebrating Succot with a trip in the negev

After a two-year break as a result of Covid 19, JNF UK took 30 participants on a day trip to the Negev on Thursday 13th October.

This opportunity was created to offer a different type of Israel experience, away from the busy tourist attractions by sharing the Negev through the eyes of JNF UK.

Participants visited many projects including the KKL-JNF Agricultural Research and Development Centre in Ramat Negev and the incredible Ashalim Thermal Power Station that demonstrate Israeli ingenuity by the unique desert environment and climate.

Everyone was invited to sample some delicious pomegranates and were treated to home-grown wines produced at Moshav Be’er Milka and a delicious Kosher lunch served in Succah at the JNF UK-supported Nitzana Educational Village.

A highlight of the trip was the opportunity to meet with the young people taking part in Derech Eretz a project supported by JNF UK, which helps participants to crystallise life shaping decisions and forge their identities as Israel’s future leaders.

Dan Shapira, JNF UK’s representative in Israel who led the trip commented “JNF UK’s Succot Day Trip was inspiring! We are excited to share with the participants the various JNF UK supported projects and very special people that help make the Negev bloom through the work they do to fulfil and build David Ben Gurion’s dream that the future of Israel lies in the desert”.

Participants Valerie and Leigh Strachan commented “We really enjoyed the JNF UK day trip to the Negev. We saw a lot of interesting projects and met many people who gave us an insight into what they are seeking to achieve and the passion in their endeavours”.

JNF UK look forward to announcing the dates of its 2023 Pesach Day Trip. Look out for further details coming soon.