JNF UK invests in transforming communities and changing lives in Israel’s poorest neighbourhoods

For over thirty years Green Sunday, JNF UK’s flagship fundraising campaign, has provided the community with the opportunity to raise money for essential projects in Israel.

Last Sunday, 5th February, volunteers of all ages came together for the annual telethon to raise money to support Osim Shchuna, a not-for-profit organisation in Israel who are working in some of Israel’s most neglected neighbourhoods.

Around the world and across Israel many communities are facing financial hardship and are living in distressed neighbourhoods. Currently in Israel there are 195 distressed neighbourhoods in 80 cities housing over 2,000,000 residents. 30% of which are youth and children. Less than 10% can break out of this vicious circle as they lack community support, have low expectations, and have little self-belief.

JNF UK and Osim Shchuna are working in some of Israel’s most neglected neighbourhoods, nurturing and empowering youth to become local leaders and agents of change, promoting a spirit of volunteering and residential responsibility, building community commitment and strength. To date, over 11,000 volunteers, including 160 local leaders have participated in 173 events across 4 cities to upgrade neglected communal areas which has vastly improved quality of life and restored pride. The effective Night Watch programme has held 1,643 night time meetups to engage the youth and keep neighbourhoods safe and reduce crime with over a 50% reduction in calls to the police in Rishon LeZion. 674 renovated bomb shelters have ensured that over 20,000 families and children are kept safe.

Samuel Hayek, Chairman of JNF UK commented: “As the UK’s oldest Israel supporting charity, our focus is the growth and development of struggling communities in Israel’s most vulnerable and challenged neighbourhoods to ensure that no one is left behind. Green Sunday represents an unbreakable connection between British Jews and the State of Israel. The generosity of our donors will make and immediate and lasting impact and achieve long-term change to build a stronger Israel.”

With your help this Green Sunday, Osim Shchuna can expand their services to more cities across Israel, expanding their current operations. They will be able to continue their work promoting leadership and inspiring the youth creating more leaders, further recruiting thousands of volunteers to make a difference and transform the lives of communities, so no one gets left behind.