JNF UK Green Sunday Appeal changing lives in Israel’s poorest communities

In February we launched our appeal to continue our work with Osim Shchuna in Israel’s most neglected neighbourhoods, nurturing and empowering youth to become local leaders and agents of change, promoting a spirit of volunteering and residential responsibility, building community commitment and strength.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, Green Sunday contributed hugely to four of Osim Shchuna’s key programmes.

The statistics do all the talking. Since the Green Sunday Appeal:

Our appeal also enabled Osim Shchuna to progress its Leadership Programme in 2023 to inspire and develop the youth from vulnerable neighbourhoods:

  • Over 130 volunteers participated in monthly two-day hiking expeditions focused on developing shared values and instilling a love and connection to Israel.
  • 35 volunteer leaders underwent vocational training in agriculture and DIY to equip then with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in their neighbourhoods.
  • 81 volunteer leaders participated in three-day quarterly seminars to develop their leadership skills through a series of mental and physical challenges.

Further plans:

This year, Osim Shchuna is hopeful it will gain funding to develop a crucial large-scale programme focused on renovating 25,000 shelters across Israel that are estimated to be unfit for purpose. With the threat of deadlier missile attacks ever increasing, the urgency of this initiative is indisputable and the impact obvious.

You can still donate to support Osim Shchuna’s vital work. Be part of the change and help make a real difference.