Teacher in Kiryat Malachi expresses immense gratitude to JNF UK for renovation of Kindergarten

In August JNF UK carried out a complete renovation of Kindergarten Menachem in Kiryat Malachi. This is part of a long-term plan working closely with Kiryat Malachi to ensure that all kindergartens are safe, modern and comfortable for kids to learn and play in.

We were delighted to receive a special thank you letter from Moran Daniel, a teacher at Kindergarten Menachem. She said: 

This week we had the privilege of inaugurating our garden which underwent an extraordinary renovation. When I opened the garden door after the renovation, I was amazed to discover the blessed change our garden has undergone, it has become brighter, innovative in its design and really, really beautiful!

The parents were also amazed at the renovation and we are all want to send you a huge big thank you! May God bless you for being able to light up the children’s hearts by giving them a bright, beautiful and renewed environment!

I wish you all a happy new year and that you will always be able to do such good deeds! And illuminate more educational institutions in Israel! Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

Best regards

Moran Daniel