Brothers and Sisters for Israel

All funds received will be transferred to Brothers and Sisters for Israel.

On Saturday October 7th, 2023, the lives of Israelis changed forever. 

Brothers and sisters for Israel is currently the largest aid organisation in Israel.
We are a 100% civilian voluntary based operation, so that every pound donated goes directly and entirely to the actual goods and services that are needed. 

Since the onset of this war, Brothers and Sisters has been running an unprecedented Civil Emergency Headquarters. The teams collect requirements both bottom up as well as top down, to make sure real needs are met. Accordingly, they mobilise critical resources, including food, water, clothing, medical equipment and aid, provide accommodation for displaced families, evacuate those in war zones, locate missing individuals, procure vital equipment, and much more.

Your funds will be used for:

1. Logistical Shortages: They are facing a severe shortage of medical supplies, clothing, food and water. They are supplying on an as-needed basis upon request.

2. Mental Support for Children and Families: Children and Families who have experienced the trauma of this crisis require psychological support and they are locating and mobilizing therapists and trauma specialists.

3. Refugee Families: Right now, Israel has over 200,000 displaced persons without homes. Civilian organisations are mobilizing to house, clothe and feed these families and are facing critical shortages.

Help us help our brothers and sisters of Israel.

Your support will make a profound impact on the lives of those affected by this crisis.