Job Description

Chief Executive Officer

Since 1901 JNF UK has been investing in Israel’s future, helping to establish the Jewish state and dedicating ourselves to support its citizens who need our help. From the humble origins of our iconic Blue Box, we have become one of the largest charities in Britain’s Jewish community.

We are seeking a dynamic CEO to take the helm, supported by a 30-strong professional team in the UK and Israel, and accountable to our Chairman and Trustees.

As CEO, you will lead JNF at a time of transformation as we focus on fundraising, repositioning our brand for the future, and managing our sizeable portfolio of impact investments and projects in Israel. This role provides an exciting opportunity for a candidate to help shape the philanthropic future of the Jewish people, as well as making a meaningful contribution to the UK-Israel relationship. As such, you will need to demonstrate an established leadership and managerial pedigree, as well as the ability to think outside of the box and generate new ideas. You can be certain that this is a job that will challenge you in every way – but the rewards in terms of the lives you will touch through our activities offer the exciting reality of creating a new vision for our beneficiaries’ futures.

Main duties and responsibilities

The role includes the following component parts:


      • Taking responsibility for spearheading JNF’s fundraising activities, personally making the case to foundations and philanthropists for supporting JNF’s work.
      • Leading the development and execution of JNF’s fundraising strategy, including leading a fundraising team and setting fundraising goals.
      • Building and nurturing partnerships with key donors.
      • Revitalising JNF’s iconic Blue Box campaign, which brings JNF into homes across the UK.

Marketing and brand repositioning 

      • Overseeing JNF’s marketing team in repositioning our popular brand for the future, raising awareness of JNF’s groundbreaking work in Israel.
      • Leading the overhaul of JNF’s current marketing strategy across three organisational units and devising and executing a multi-year campaign to promote JNF’s work and raise funds from the community.
      • Building our new Young JNF initiative, recruiting the next generation to support Israel.

Setting and implementing new strategy, yearly planning and departmental budgets

      • Leading and managing the charity with full budget responsibility and financial accountability for the revenue and cost.
      • Ensuring a process is in place for the Chairman and Trustees to work with the professional team and the development of the strategy and policies of the organisation.
      • Devising and implementing an action plan to deliver the agreed strategy.
      • Ensuring a financial plan is in place to support the strategic goals of the organisation, paying particular regard to the balance between the long and short term needs of the organisation and its financial resources.
      • Pro-actively manage this fully-accountable organisation by maximising effectiveness and driving fundraising to the required level to deliver on planned and current projects.
      • Devising a yearly departmental plan, budget and targets with heads of department, and presenting it to the Trustees for approval.

Maintaining and enhancing partnerships

      • Strengthening alliances with the Anglo-Jewish and Israeli communities and JNF UK’s partnerships both in the UK and in Israel.
      • Developing a relationship with Governmental bodies as appropriate.
      • Creating and maintaining positive relationships with supportive external organisations.
      • Managing and nurturing JNF UK’s relationships with Jewish communal organisations and maintaining a close relationship with the Israeli Embassy.
      • Overseeing the management of the relationship with our external professionals, in particular, our legal, audit, banking and investment support.
      • Maintaining and enhance JNF UK’s partnerships and alliances with communities and other charities both on a domestic and international basis.

Managing our projects and impact investments in Israel

      • Overseeing the work of our team in Israel which manages JNF’s projects across the country. These projects are our main objective.
      • Ensuring that the project team in Israel executes the Trustees’ project strategy and guidelines in selecting, managing and supervising projects in Israel in order to achieve high performance, excellent value for money and adherence to UK charity law.
      • Leading JNF’s expert finance and project teams in the UK and Israel to ensure that our multi-million-pound portfolio of impact investments is appropriately managed and that it continues to yield an income which JNF can reinvest in its work.

Managing internal structure and personnel

      • Managing the relationship of the organisation.
      • Ensuring proper communication between departments.
      • Ensuring effective recruitment, training and goal setting processes are in place.
      • Building and maintaining a high-performance culture through the recruitment of skilled staff, effective performance management, communication and training.

Governance and Reporting Line

      • Reporting to the Chairman and Trustees on a regular and timely basis on all of the above.
      • Ensuring an effective governance process and an appropriate management structure is in place for the organisation.
      • Ensuring full regulatory compliance to Health & Safety, Employment, and Disability legislation and that the normal requirements of the Charity Commission are met.

Skills, Qualifications and Experience Required

The Chief Executive Officer will be expected to have:

  • Substantial senior management experience within a significant organisation.
  • Strong relationship-building abilities, with the presence and presentation skills to network across the relevant communities with an emphasis on fundraising and generating awareness.
  • Excellent understanding of Israel. It would also be an advantage to have experience of working with Israelis and proficiency in Hebrew, though neither are essential.
  • Experience in the not-for-profit sector and working with volunteers and lay leaders.
  • Experience in working intensively in influencing decisions at Board level.
  • Experience in providing professional, accurate, and strategic advice.
  • Able to demonstrate inspirational leadership skills.

Leadership and Management

  • Ability to lead and manage a team of professional staff.
  • A track record of successfully recruiting, training and developing people.
  • Ability to work with the elected Trustees, lay leaders and a multiplicity of external organisations.
  • A leadership style that will achieve respect from the wide constituency with whom the Chief Executive Officer has to interact.
  • Proven experience in the day-to-day administration of managing and co-ordinating projects to deadline.

Strategy Formulation and Implementation

  • Ability to formulate and implement strategies and policies, and create new approaches, always considering the balance between the role of the central organisation and the communities.
  • Ability to take a broad-based view of issues and events and have an understanding of their longer-term impact or wider implications.
  • Ability to implement the strategy and consequential organisational challenges.
  • Proven experience of planning, developing and implementing business plans and programmes.

Financial and IT Management

  • Ability to manage an organisation where the reasonable demands always exceed resources within a detailed budget and the hard decisions that this requires.
  • Can demonstrate the ability to manage budgets.
  • Competent user of IT and a developed appreciation of the importance of IT strategy for success.

Problem Solving and Analysis

  • Ability to analyse complex policy issues, draw correct conclusions and articulate clear and focused policy alternatives to wide and diverse audiences.
  • Ability to understand issues and make systematic and rational judgments based on the relevant information.

Communication Skills

  • Ability to use a variety of appropriate communication strategies to influence wide and diverse audiences.
  • Ability to listen actively, seek information, and ask questions to ensure the understanding of underlying concerns of others.
  • Effective verbal, presentation and written communication skills.
  • Ability to build relationships, inspire engagement and mobilise a diverse group of stakeholders.

Interpersonal Style

  • Commitment to organisational excellence.
  • Honesty, integrity, and a strong sense of ethics in all decision and actions.
  • Resilience.
  • Able to remain calm and deliberate under conditions of stress.


Deadline for applications: 22 May 2020 at Noon

To apply for this position, please email