JNF UK/SmartGiving Educational Grants for Jewish Schools


JNF UK, through SmartGiving, is pleased to launch a new grant to Jewish schools in the UK.

JNF UK has worked for over 115 years to build Israel and to support its people. At every stage in its history, Israel has benefited from the generosity of the Jewish diaspora.  JNF UK is now investing in the UK by strengthening our young people’s understanding, bond and commitment to Israel with the aim of deepening its connection with the people of Israel.

This grant is open to all Jewish primary and secondary schools in the UK. The grant is for a period of four years starting September 2018, whereby primary schools will receive up to £10,000 per annum and secondary schools will receive up to £50,000 per annum. The schools will use the grant in ways they feel will improve their students’ connection to Israel and to JNF UK’s philanthropic work in Israel.

The chosen schools will be required to:

  1. Commit to fundraise through the JNF UK Blue Box for one of JNF UK’s projects.
  2. Distribute Blue Boxes to all students, making collections at least twice a year.
  3. Secondary schools will dedicate one day of volunteering at a JNF UK project in Israel during Israel trips.
  4. Commit to periodic visits by a JNF UK representative who will speak to the students and conduct activities about Israel and JNF UK’s work.
  5. Promote JNF UK and SmartGiving brands through the school’s printed, electronic and social media.
  6. Promote joint initiatives with JNF UK and SmartGiving.
  7. Suggest a system of monitoring performance, including reporting to JNF UK under the following headings:
  • An annual summary of activities undertaken.
  • Numbers of young people regularly participating and age group profile.
  • Special events and activities delivered and planned.
  • Areas of success and good practice.
  • Areas of difficulty and how the school plans to tackle them.

To apply for the grant please download the grant form by Clicking here and return it both in Word and PDF formats by email to JNFSmartgivingGrants@jnf.co.uk no later than 29 January 2018 with your latest audited financial report and accounts. Applications will not be considered without these documents.

Should you require any further information regarding the grant please send an email to JNFSmartgivingGrants@jnf.co.uk or call Natalie Aran on 020 8732 6131.