Applications for our Fellowship programme are now open.

Closing date: Friday 9th August 2024

Do you want to develop your leadership skills and personally impact the lives of people living in Israel?

Throughout JNF UK’s history, young pioneers have been at the forefront of making history in the land of Israel. Their leadership has helped shape the future of the Jewish homeland. Now JNF UK is looking to build on that pioneering spirit with our Fellowship programme.

Following on from the success of our previous cohort, this programme for Year 12 students will give you exceptional access to Jewish leaders from a variety of fields, providing a unique insight into contemporary Israel. We want to give you the skills, experience and inspiration to become a community leader in your own right. And we want you to see and be part of the transformative work JNF UK is doing on the ground today – which is why a unique trip to Israel where you will get to make your own contribution is at the heart of the Fellowship.

Running from October 2024 – December 2025, the JNF Fellowship focuses on the following outcomes:

  • To strengthen your connection with Israel, enabling you to become an advocate, inspiring yourself and others.
  • To help you appreciate and be part of the impactful work of JNF UK in local Israeli communities – enriching lives.
  • To develop you, as part of the next generation of JNF UK ambassadors, increasing your willingness to step up and play your part in strengthening Medinat Yisrael.

During Year 12, one session per month will be held in London. These will normally be 2 hour sessions, after school or on Sundays and include a 2 day seminar during February half term. The focus of each session will differ, and will include:

  • Leadership training to develop key abilities including communication, coaching and self-empowerment skills.
  • Discussion sessions with leading Israel advocates from a variety of different fields, gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities Israel faces.
  • Opportunities to bond as a team.

During the summer (2025) there will then be a free bespoke trip to Israel over 3-4 days, to learn more about the country and to see and contribute towards the work JNF UK is doing there, impacting lives.

At the start of the first term of Year 13, you will be supported to organise a community project inspired by what you have learnt.

The programme will end in December 2025 with a graduation ceremony.

What Happens After the Fellowship?

  • You become part of a JNF Fellowship Alumni group. This exposes you to a lucrative network of ambassadors and advocates for Israel, enabling you to draw from their talent.
  • You will have priority to participate in future events run by JNF UK.
  • JNF UK will support and encourage you with future initiatives / opportunities to bring JNF UK’s core values into the community.
  • Should you decide to take a Gap year programme in Israel and have a few days spare, JNF UK will provide opportunities for you to volunteer on one of its projects, impacting Israeli life.

The JNF UK fellowship is open to all students in Year 12 as of September 2024.

We will select students from the applications whom we believe would benefit most from the programme. If your application is successful, you will be invited for an interview and will be asked to provide a personal reference.

Who are we seeking?

Ideal Fellow (Values)

  • Feels a sense of affiliation towards Israel with a thirst to connect at a deeper level.
  • Can demonstrate a level of commitment towards something that they are passionate towards.
  • Is / has been involved / volunteered in a worthwhile communal activity.
  • Has a sense of empathy for others with a desire to effect change.

Ideal Fellow (Abilities)

  • Is willing to take a stand and be different from the crowd.
  • Displays collaborative leadership potential.
  • Can debate, convey messages, and influence others.
  • Has a developed level of self-awareness and resilience.

Nothing, except your time and commitment. We do expect you to attend all the sessions.

There is no fee to join, and everything in the programme (including food at events, travel costs from outside of London and the trip to Israel) will be paid for by JNF UK. We see this programme as an investment in the future of the Jewish community, and it’s open to everyone irrespective of their financial background.

For over 120 years, JNF UK has supported the development of Israel. Our current focus is on improving the quality of life of all Israelis, irrespective of their socio-economic background.

We’ve worked hand-in-hand with the Jewish community here in the UK to make this happen, helping to bridge the physical gap between the two countries.

This work has also included strengthening the provision of Israel education in schools, so that the next generation can nurture that relationship for years to come.

That desire to provide young people with the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the Jewish homeland is behind our launch of the JNF UK Fellowship.