What is JNF UK’s Project Criteria?

1. The project must be:

a. in accordance with the laws of England and Wales;
b. consistent with the purposes of the Charity as set out in its objects: and
c. in Israel.

2. Support of the project will contribute towards the realisation of the Charity’s aims.

3. The contribution and support of the Charity will make a difference to whether the project is implemented and likely to succeed.

4. The Charity must be able to enter into a contract with the organisation proposing the project.

5. The contract must set out the terms on which the Charity will provide funds.

6. The organisation proposing the project must demonstrate to the Charity that it is able to adhere to the Charity’s requirements regarding transparency and accountability.

7. The project criteria at points 1-6 must be adhered to in all circumstances. The Charity’s preferred criteria (set out at a to d below) should be adhered to for all projects save where there are circumstances to be determined by the trustees in their absolute discretion. The project should:
a. be generally in the Negev region;
b. deal in the development (socially, economically and physically) of the Negev region;
c. the Charity should aim to support the tangible aspect of the project; and
d. publicly acknowledge the Charity’s support in a manner acceptable to the trustees.