What is JNF UK’s Project Criteria?


The criteria for JNF UK’s assessment of projects is summarised as follows:

  • Projects can only be for charitable purposes as set out in the Charity’s articles.
  • The project must be charitable under UK law and must comply with all relevant legal and regulatory constraints both in the UK and Israel.
  • The project may be anywhere in Israel but preferably in the peripheral regions of Israel (i.e. the Negev and Galilee).
  • Projects shall not be over the “Green line”.
  • The contribution and support of JNF UK and its donors will make a significant difference to whether the project is implemented and succeeds.
  • Both the project and partner organisations must satisfy JNF UK’s requirements regarding transparency and accountability


Considering whether proposed projects are acceptable on merit for submission to the JNF UK project committee and the Board of Directors should also take into account matters such as:

  • Whether project complement existing or proposed new projects.
  • Diversity of projects being undertaken by the JNF
  • Marketability and attractiveness to donors
  • Cost and affordability
  • Timetable issues
  • Recognition/acknowledgement factors
  • The advantage or disadvantages if the proposed project is in receipt of support from any existing UK charitable organisations that are raising funds in the UK for the same project/organization
  • Priority given to capital / infrastructure projects rather than operating / running costs
  • The advantages or disadvantages where the project has substantial financial support from other sources.
  • Preference to projects that have not yet commenced.
  • Impact for money (analogy of value for money in the business sector).
  • Whether the project has potential donor/s already expressing an interest in or committed to donate to it
  • Impact on local community
  • Review any potential reputational risk associated with the project