What is JNF UK’s Support for the Negev?

The majority of the projects are located in that part of the State of Israel known as “the Negev”. The Negev is a large desert region in the south of Israel which comprises around 55% of Israel’s landmass and is largely unpopulated. It is home to less than 10% of Israel’s population. The Negev region is incredibly poor and is in need of support.

Map of the Negev JNF UK’s support for the Negev dates back to the mid-1990s. The reasons for this support were threefold. First, the Negev was and remains an impoverished area, lacking basic infrastructure and community cohesion. Second, while the central and northern areas of Israel are and have been well supported by numerous charities and organisations for many years, the Negev has received significantly less support: JNF UK saw an opportunity to make a real difference. Third, the Negev was a politically uncomplicated area; philanthropic focus on the Negev would not engage matters of political controversy.