What is KKL Charity Accounts?

KKL Charity Accounts was incorporated as a private company limited by guarantee on 4 May 2004. It is also a charity. Individuals can open an account by paying money into KKL Charity Accounts – donations can then be made from that account to any UK registered charity on the account holder’s instructions.

KKL Charity Accounts is managed by JNF UK: currently all of KKL Charity Accounts’ trustees are trustees of JNF UK. The accounts for KKL Charity Accounts and JNF UK are drawn up separately. Accounts for KKL Charity Accounts are then consolidated into JNF UK’s accounts, as KKL Charity Accounts remits its annual profits to JNF UK.

KKL Charity Accounts Limited operates under the operational name SmartGiving providing a charity accounts and payroll giving service and KKL Executor & Trustee Company Limited operates a will writing and executorship service and the JNF UK’s legacy administration.

In 2013 KKL Charity Accounts Limited was rebranded as SmartGiving, an online charity accounts and fundraising platform.

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