Buy A Box. Save A Life.

Like many countries, Israel has been forced to implement a strict lockdown because of the global pandemic. While this policy has undoubtedly helped to save lives, it has put a huge strain on some of the country’s most vulnerable citizens. This is particularly true of the elderly, who are susceptible to isolation while also being most at-risk from the coronavirus itself.

This is why JNF UK is launching a new campaign to purchase emergency supply boxes for those in need. Each box contains everything needed to ensure that the recipient can stay safely at home for a month, minimising their exposure to the virus. These supplies consist of both food and hygiene products such as hand sanitiser – which is essential for keeping the pandemic at bay.

These boxes are literal life-savers, which is why JNF UK is also doubling the impact of donations. For every pound you give towards buying a box, we will donate one as well. For every emergency supply box that is purchased, we will purchase a second one to go with it. What’s better than making a charitable donation and knowing it could save a life? Knowing it could save two.

We are running this matching campaign on behalf of Latet, an NGO that has been at the forefront of combatting poverty in Israel for over two decades. As an umbrella organisation of nearly 200 local groups, Latet has the reach and experience to make sure these vital boxes get to where they are most needed. Together, and with your help, JNF UK and Latet will support Israel’s most vulnerable during this unprecedented crisis

Please help JNF UK and Latet reach £72,000.

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