Matan – Medical Equipment

Hello Friends in the UK,

Israel is facing an unprecedented civil emergency and has already endured horrific losses and is unfortunately expecting a long term emergency state.

In cooperation with the Israeli civil operations room, we are mapping the exact needs of medical teams, providing pre-hospital care to the sick and injured and hopefully relieving some of the hospitals’ workload.


Advanced medical equipment can be game changing, save lives in the most direct ways, enabling quick diagnosis, prioritization of evacuation, and high quality care.

Examples of equipment –

# Point of Care Ultrasound – enable diagnosis of bleeding, pneumothorax, confirmation of placement of drains and tubes – Cost approximately £2,000.

# EMMA capnographs – allow for monitoring of airway protection in situations when quick decisions need to be made.

# Monitors – advanced monitoring allowing for transfer of injured to the best care facility

# Video laryngoscopes – allowing for quick and easy airway securing in conditions that are technically challenging such as burn injuries and bleeding, obscuring the view –  Cost approximatly £1,600.

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