Another Successful Legacy Mission to Israel

JNF UK has just returned from their annual 10 day Legacy Mission to Israel which took place October 16 – 25. The Mission allows for those intending to leave a legacy to JNF UK, in order to support Israel, to …

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JNF UK’s Sukkot Day Trip to the Negev took place on Monday 9 October. The group toured the Negev region close to the Gaza Strip and experienced the challenges and creativity of people living there.

Tour participants started the day …

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Shanah Tova?

At first glance, Noam looks just like most other 14 year old girls. Her long, dark hair blows across her face as she sits outside watching the setting sun disappear somewhere beyond Gaza. But Noam has an extraordinary story and …

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Ten Years of Achievements for JNF UK supported Gvahim

Last week JNF UK attended an event at Tel Aviv University to celebrate ten year’s of Gvahim’s success.

Non-profit organisation Gvahim, who JNF UK have been supporting since 2013, assist highly qualified Olim to find their places within the Israeli …

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