This Purim, JNF UK is looking to hit all the right notes with a special musical celebration the whole family can take part in! We’ve teamed up with the talented Yuval to offer a unique interactive learning experience. He’s kindly put together instructions on how to play the classic Purim song ‘Chag Purim’ so that everyone can play along together. Not only that, but you don’t even need a piano to take part – a computer keyboard is enough! So watch below, and you’ll be tickling the ivories in no time!

If you want to use your computer keyboard as a music instrument, click here before watching Yuval’s video.

Please print your music sheet and keyboard sheet to use in your lesson. See the links below.

Music Notes for Piano or Electric Keyboard
Music Notes for Computer Keyboard

Use a computer keyboard and learn to play

Right hand Piano Playing

Need something more advanced?