JNF UK works to advance all aspects of life in Israel’s underdeveloped south. From improving education and welfare to boosting employment and healthcare, JNF UK aims to draw new life to the Negev and improve the lives of those who call the region home.

With help from our supporters, we have dramatically enhanced the lives of countless people in the region, and continue to work tirelessly to transform the lives of many more.

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Green Sunday 2022 – Smile Campaign

This Green Sunday, JNF UK is raising funds to support the Akko Community Dental Clinic in providing life-altering treatment to the poor people of Akko. We witnessed first-hand the importance of giving impoverishing struggling people access to much needed dental care at a fraction of the price. With your help we can help the pain and change individual and community life. Read More

Ezra Le’Marpeh Rehabilitation Centre, Sderot

JNF UK is working with Ezra LeMarpeh to construct a state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre in Sderot, a city on the Israel-Gaza border. This new facility will serve the whole Negev region, providing life-changing care to tens of thousands of people living in southern Israel who have been abandoned by the healthcare system and have nowhere to turn. Read More

Ruach Dromit (Southern Wind)

Ruach Dromit (Southern Wind) is a non-profit organisation providing alternative treatments to cancer patients and their families in the Negev. In 2014, JNF UK helped Ruach Dromit to establish an Outpatient Centre in Be’er Sheva. The Centre, the first of its kind in the Negev, serves cancer patients and their families throughout Southern Israel by providing them with a range of treatments, workshops and counselling services to relieve physical, emotional and mental pain. Read More