JNF UK works to advance all aspects of life in Israel’s underdeveloped south. From improving education and welfare to boosting employment and healthcare, JNF UK aims to draw new life to the Negev and improve the lives of those who call the region home.

With help from our supporters, we have dramatically enhanced the lives of countless people in the region, and continue to work tirelessly to transform the lives of many more.

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Green Sunday 2022 – Smile Campaign

This Green Sunday ,JNF UK is raising funds to support the Akko Community Dental Clinic in providing life-altering treatment to the poor people of Akko. We witnessed first-hand the importance of giving impoverishing struggling people access to much needed dental care at a fraction of the price. With your help we can help the pain and change individual and community life. Read More

Rosh Hashanah Appeal 2021

This Rosh Hashanah JNF UK is raising funds for a vital and ambitious project: helping to build a brand new, rocket-proof high school in Sderot. Please support our appeal to ensure the children get the safe education they deserve.  Read More

Green Sunday 2021

This Green Sunday JNF UK are raising emergency funds for thousands of Israeli families who have plunged below the poverty line due to the pandemic. Life has become a day-to-day struggle for the nearly half a million Israelis who do not know how much longer they can hold on.  Read More


The coronavirus has had a devastating impact on Israel’s most vulnerable citizens, especially in the underdeveloped peripheries. Too many are trapped in dilapidated homes, struggling with health problems, or unable to even feed themselves and their families. Read More

ROSH HASHANAH APPEAL 2019 – Ensuring every Holocaust survivor can live in dignity

This Rosh Hashanah, JNF UK is fundraising for some of the most vulnerable members of Israeli society: Holocaust survivors. Today, there are over 200,000 survivors living in Israel – the largest community anywhere in the world. They are not only a living testimony to the horrors that – even to this day – some deny ever happened. They are also heroes, each man... Read More

Project: Connected

Israel is home to the world’s largest Holocaust survivor community. Still scarred by the horrors they experienced over 70 years ago, sadly many now face financial hardship and extreme solitude. Through Project Connected, JNF UK is working hard to tackle the problem of loneliness by bringing teenagers and survivors together... Read More


Like so many charities, SAHI started with a vision by a single person - Oded Weiss. In 1999, he came up with the idea of recruiting young local volunteers to collect and then distribute food to those who needed it. A core principle was that donations should be made anonymously... Read More

Simcha Layeled

Simcha Layeled is a non-profit organisation in Israel which provides support to children with severe physical disabilities yet normal cognitive capabilities. Their aim is to allow these children to overcome their disabilities and become contributing members of society. Read More

Yad Tamar

In 2009, the Yad Tamar organisation was established, Tamar’s vision was to assist cancer patients and their families by strengthening and reinforcing their emotional and economic status. Over the years professionals and volunteers have dedicated their time to be a support unit for those suffering with this illness. Read More

DIY Volunteering Project

Volunteers have played an integral role in the building of Israel and are a key component in the success of JNF UK’s work and the future of the Jewish state. As a result, JNF UK is promoting a professional volunteering programme, across Israel. This innovative scheme enlists volunteers... Read More