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Amit High School Renovation, Kiryat Malachi

Amit is one of the most run-down high-schools in Kiryat Malachi. The school caters for 405 students in grades 7 to 12, many of whom come from underprivileged backgrounds. Some of the buildings are extremely old and dilapidated without functioning air conditioning (an essential in desert towns). We have an ambitious project to create a pleasant and respectable learning environment by renewing the school’s buildings and facilities. This will have the additional benefit of showing the students that they are worthy of respect and investment, helping them break the cycle of poverty and expand their opportunities.

Kiryat Malachi is the first town where JNF UK decided to operate using its ‘holisitc approach’. This strategy emphasises the importance of supporting several projects in one town which will eventually complement one another to create a better life for citizens across the board. Our work to raise performance levels at the Amit High School follows on from our improvements to the town’s kindergartens, helping transform the entire educational process.

While the exterior of the school building and the lobby are already earmarked for renovation, we have committed to carrying out more extensive work inside the building and throughout the grounds, including landscaping the outdoor space by creating gardens and shaded areas. Inside, the sports hall will be improved as well as the classrooms, science laboratories and also the bathrooms.

These plans will be executed by means of a phased-plan over the next few years, so that students can continue to learn in the school, but also benefit from the improvements as they are completed.

As well as benefitting from these changes, the school will also be guided into the future by its new headmistress. Her ambition for the students and the school itself means that the future for Kiryat Malachi’s young people is looking brighter every day.