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JNF UK Business Valley

JNF UK has built a state-of-the-art Business Hub bringing high paid job opportunities to the heart of the Negev.

Due to the distinct lack of corporate infrastructure and opportunities in the south of Israel, many of the Negev’s brightest young people currently leave the region for Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in order to pursue successful careers.

This story is particularly true of Mitzpe Ramon, a Negev town known both for overlooking a beautiful crater, but also unfortunately for its high level of unemployment, negative growth and low wages.

However, the situation need not be like this. The digital revolution has opened up new opportunities, such as digital marketing, graphic design and so much more. These skills can be practised from anywhere in the world.

JNF UK has seized this opportunity by investing over £1 million to develop a Business Valley in Mitzpe Ramon. This exciting new facility will be home to a number of firms specialising in digital marketing and new media, such as global advertising agency McCann.

The JNF UK Business Valley is expected to bring hundreds of high-paid, modern job opportunities to the South that will attract not only the brightest and the best from within the Negev, but will also draw in talented individuals from the centre of Israel – young 21st century pioneers armed with iPads, laptops and mobile phones.

This is a completely new model for the Negev and we at JNF UK are proud to be leading such a wonderful initiative that has the potential to bring about a truly profound change to the region.

The Valley opened for business in April 2018. The project was named after John Roburn who left a generous legacy to support the vital work of JNF UK in Israel.