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The coronavirus has had a devastating impact on Israel’s most vulnerable citizens, especially in the underdeveloped peripheries. Too many are trapped in dilapidated homes, struggling with health problems, or unable to even feed themselves and their families.

JNF UK’s partner organisations are on the frontline of this national crisis, working harder than ever before to meet the unprecedented demand they are facing. Anything you can give will go straight to them and have an immediate impact.

Below are the three main issues we are tackling with this appeal:


How would you cope if you were suddenly no longer able to feed your family? What would you do if you lost your job and were left with nothing but an empty fridge and hungry children? This has become the terrifying reality across Israel as restrictions escalate and jobs disappear. The demand for food parcels and soup kitchens is rising every day as more and more people find themselves in desperate need of help. JNF UK is providing emergency funding to help meet this demand.


There are few things in life as frightening as being diagnosed with cancer. A life-threatening illness is hard to manage at the best of times, but during a global pandemic it becomes even worse. Countless patients are isolating from others or even skipping medical appointments for fear of also catching the coronavirus. This can have devastating emotional and physical repercussions. JNF UK is therefore empowering local volunteers to rally around those who are seriously unwell. From picking up children to cooking a Shabbat meal, these volunteers ensure that life can go on as normal, even under the toughest conditions.


All of us have experienced in recent months what it’s like to be quarantined at home. Now imagine if you had to do that without running water or working electricity, or had to spend all day somewhere without a clean kitchen or a functioning bathroom. For many elderly Israelis, including Holocaust survivors, they don’t have to imagine. Often overwhelmed by old age and mental trauma, they find themselves trapped in decrepit, unhygienic conditions. JNF UK arranges for skilled labourers and social workers to not only tackle the most pressing issues, but also start building the foundations for a more hopeful future.