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Eden Karmia Home for Abused Girls in Israel

Eden Karmia provides a warm and loving home environment for deeply traumatised teenage girls who have been removed from their families due to severe abuse and neglect.

Thousands of teenage girls in Israel are at risk of sexual or physical violence. The Eden Karmia home for abused girls provides for the needs of teenage girls who have been removed from their families by the courts. The home, which is unique to the southern region of Israel, provides them with light at the end of the tunnel. Dedicated social workers take care of their every need. As well as essential therapy and psychological care, Eden provides them with a safe place to live, a community of others who understand their situation, food, clothes, extracurricular activities and specially tailored education. The girls also learn life-skills to ensure their smooth integration back into society.

Karmia is a small Kibbutz near Ashkelon in the northern Negev. It has a population of nearly 500 people. The Kibbutz boasts a peaceful, rural environment within a small, warm and caring community and provides the perfect setting for the home.

JNF UK has already renovated and landscaped the home’s outdoor space, which was previously overgrown with weeds. We are expanding and equipping all the girls’ dormitories with furniture and essential appliances. We are also renovating the dilapidated school building. Having spent time on the streets some girls are unable to read or write. These girls cannot integrate into regular schools so it is essential that this dedicated school provides them with the very best.

Eden Karmia is one of the many examples of JNF UK’s life-changing work in the Negev, enabling each one of these teenage girls to build a healthy and positive life for the future. Please show your support and donate today.

Please note: The faces of girls photographed here have been hidden to protect their identity