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Green Sunday 2019 – Supporting vulnerable communities near the Gaza border

Imagine living under the constant threat of terror…

This is life for people living near the Gaza border, not knowing when the next attack will be, or by which means – rockets  missiles, kites with incendiary devices or the unthinkable, a tunnel infiltration.

This has been the reality for these communities for over a decade, it has reaped havoc and brought fear into daily living.


With your support, we can give residents in these communities the quality of life they richly deserve and bring a sense of normality back into their lives.

It is about helping them continuously, not just in times of emergency and ensuring they are supported in every way possible.

These residents deserve the chance to have a happy and more secure life.

This Green Sunday, JNF UK is working in three key areas to help transform their lives:

Parks, playgrounds and respite are crucial for families in this region. They provide sanctuary, relief and relaxation. It’s where families can come together and where children can play safely knowing that shelters are within easy reach. With your donation we are building a park for the people of Kerem Shalom, 400m from the Gaza border. Donate now

Kibbutz Kerem Shalom was almost completely destroyed in 2008 following heavy shelling from Gaza and in recent months faced incendiary kites and multiple rocket attacks. Check out this video showing phase 1 of this project. In Aug 2018, over 500 JNF volunteers descended on the Kibbutz to carry out major renovation work.


Community centres are the heart and soul of communal living, especially in remote areas. They allow residents to come together to socialise, participate in activities and support each other. Your donation will enable us to renovate and equip the Hof Ashkelon community centre, 10.7km from the Gaza border. Donate now



Youth leadership programmes bring new energy and vital support into struggling communities, especially in times of emergency. Participants also learn vital life skills that will stand them in good stead for their future. Your donation will help us run a programme in Kibbutz Sufa, 2.7km from the Gaza border. Donate now


With your help we can support more of the communities near Gaza, and give them a better, happier and more secure existence. Please donate today.