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Green Sunday Appeal 2020 – Building sports facilities in Israel


This Green Sunday we’re investing in sports facilities in Israel’s neglected peripheries – so that every community can provide a happy, healthy childhood for future generations.

Taking part in sports activities is associated with a variety of positive effects, such as self-confidence, well developed social skills and physical wellbeing, alongside providing an opportunity to simply relax and have fun. But too many locations in Israel either do not have anywhere for children to play and exercise, or the available options are rundown and disused.



Crumbling gymnasiums that are literally falling apart. Disused wastelands used as makeshift pitches. Playgrounds that provide no shelter from incoming rocket attacks.

We’ve committed ourselves to raising £200,000 for these sport facilities, but we cannot do it without you. We’ve already seen the impact these investments can have, and we know how much more impact we can have with your help.


These examples are just three from ten different locations that we need your help to upgrade:

Location: Shavei Darom
Cost: £300,000
Project: Building a sports ground

Many of the residents here were evacuated from Gaza, and still live in mobile homes. The new sports ground will improve their quality of life.

Location: Kiryat Malachi
Cost: £246,700
Project: Three new sports halls
Our investments in this historically underdeveloped city in the Negev are helping to make it an attractive place to live again.
Location: Kibbutz Holit
Cost: £106,700
Project: Renovating sports court
This kibbutz near Gaza has shrunk due to rocket fire. A new field with a bomb shelter is part of a wider strategy to bring new families in.