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Green Sunday 2022 – Smile Campaign

This Green Sunday, JNF UK is raising funds to support the Akko Community Dental Clinic in providing life-altering treatment to the poor people of Akko.

We witnessed first-hand the importance of giving impoverished struggling people access to much needed dental care at a fraction of the price.  With your help we can help ease the pain and change individual and community life.

that's the reality of living without teeth...

The thought of eating all your meals through a straw may seem unimaginable – but that’s the reality for those who do not have access to life changing dental care. Albeit highly visible, a lack of teeth or decaying oral health can be an unseen killer.

Akko, situated in the north of Israel, is a beautiful, mixed city, and a shining example of how different faiths co-exist.

But dental problems affect entire societies. Sufferer’s battle with their well-being and self-confidence and frequently struggle to find work. Severe dental problems destroy communities and individual lives in every way.

For the poor people of Akko, recent challenges and the grind of daily life can all too often result in both basic and essential dental care being neglected.

Even the pain of toothache affects our entire ability to continue with daily life.

Extremely poor dental health can cause both physical and mental damage, but this is not widely understood.

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JNF UK is constantly looking to do more to build Israel’s future. By moving into Northern peripheries, we can help poverty stricken cities such as Akko to thrive and change individual lives.

We want to give the people of Akko more than just their smiles back.

We want to help them eat. Be healthy. Live. Thrive.

We cannot do this without your help.

Anything you give this Green Sunday will go towards making this vision a reality.


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