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Green Sunday 2023- Empowering Change campaign

JNF UK and Osim Shchuna (Building Neighbourhoods) are
working in some of Israel’s most neglected neighbourhoods, nurturing and empowering youth to become local leaders and agents of change, promoting a spirit of volunteering and residential responsibility, building community commitment and strength.

This Green Sunday we are asking for your support to continue our work
within these neighbourhoods; building community hubs that bring people together,
establishing Night Watch programmes that help keep neighbourhoods safe and reduce crime, renovating bomb shelters that provide a safe haven, and inspiring the youth to become the change they wish to see in their community.

Your support will help to continue our work to revitalise, regenerate and change the lives of so many.

A community can only be as strong as its engaged individuals and their desire for change. 

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Anything you give will change lives


JNF UK cares about the environment and would like to go as paperless as possible.

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