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Green Sunday Appeal 2017 – Renovating 44 Kindergartens

Israel has no more important resource than its children: they are the future citizens and leaders who will continue the progress made over recent decades. But right now, they need your help to get the best start in life.

This Green Sunday 2017, JNF UK has committed to helping 44 kindergartens in need of renovation all across the Negev, including in Yerucham, Kiryat Malachi, Be’er Sheva and Arad. Seven of them look after children with special needs. These local communities are sadly under-resourced and unable to provide the best for their children.

We are transforming the kindergartens by introducing shaded outdoor spaces, replacing sandy playgrounds with grassy areas, building new playgrounds and fixing old structures. Indoors, we are installing air conditioning, equipping therapy rooms and renovating kitchens.

With your generous support, we can make sure that every child in these towns and villages will enjoy the care they require in new and improved settings.


It is quicker than ever to contribute so please take two minutes now and make a real difference to the 1,500 Israeli children and their families who benefit from the facilities now, as well as to thousands more in the years to come.

Together we can make sure that the next generation of Israelis have the best foundation possible on which to build not only their own futures, but the future of the Jewish homeland. Your connection to Israel starts here, and your support is vital. Please give what you can and thank you for your continued support.

See below for some images of kindergartens in need of renovating and for photos of kindergartens in Kiryat Malachi which were renovated in 2016.