Green Sunday 2021

This Green Sunday JNF UK is raising funds for thousands of Israeli families who have plunged below the poverty line due to the pandemic. Our matched appeal means any donation you give will be doubled by us.

Please support our urgent appeal to help those who are no longer able to get by.

A National Crisis

How would it feel to lose all ability to be able to provide for yourself and your family? This is the devastating reality that far too many people have faced this year. No country has been unaffected by the pandemic or the global recession it triggered – including Israel.

While the Israeli government is doing what it can, the truth is a young country cannot match the well-established welfare systems of the rest of the Western world.

The numbers speak for themselves. 151,300 families are struggling to get by, while 42,500 have fallen below the poverty line.

Families fallen below the poverty line*

Unable to get by

Life has become a day-to-day struggle for too many Israelis who do not know how much longer they can hold on.

Israelis like the teacher who is solely responsible for his disabled child, who cannot return to the classroom because he has an underlying health condition. Israelis like the young couple who both had jobs at El Al, but now are out of work while missing payments on their apartment. Or Israelis like the single mother with four children in a shelter for abused women, desperately looking for employment for the first time.

These are just a few examples of the thousands of ordinary Israelis who only 12 months ago would never have imagined they would be in this position. Of not knowing how you will cope when the money runs out. Of not knowing what to do when the fridge is empty and your children are hungry. Of not knowing where you will go when you cannot pay the rent or mortgage.

"Thanks to you I cried today – but tears of happiness, from knowing I have some breathing space at last!"
Families struggling to get by*

They need your help

That is why this Green Sunday JNF UK is running an urgent appeal, targeted specifically at families who for the first time find themselves in need of assistance. Each family is provided with a one-off payment that will enable them to survive until conditions improve. For many recipients, at their wits end after months and months without work, these payments are a lifeline.

JNF UK has been at the forefront of supporting Israel throughout the Covid crisis and right now your support is needed more than ever. By allocating additional funding, we can match any donation you give to this urgent appeal pound for pound.

We do not know what the future holds, or how long it will be until the world returns to normal. What we do know is that there are thousands of desperate fathers, mothers and children across Israel who need our help. Please give what you can.

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    * Figures reported by the Israeli government are correct at time of publishing