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HaShomer HaChadash

Established in 2007, HaShomer HaChadash, is a grassroots organisation helping farmers and ranchers in the Negev and the Galilee safeguard their land. HaShomer HaChadash works to ensure a stronger Jewish presence, inspire a sense of mutual responsibility among the Jewish people and create a stronger and more just society.

What started out as a volunteer organisation to protect the land, has expanded to include programmes that are revitalising the Zionist spirit on which the State of Israel was founded, instilling a sense of pride and civic courage among Jewish young people.

JNF UK has supported HaShomer HaChadash since 2011 by providing capital and operational costs and essential equipment such as all-terrain vehicles and fully-equipped caravans, which act as mobile operations bases. Our support continues in the form of funding an array of programmes in the Negev, including volunteer and leadership programmes and employment training in the agricultural sector.

With your contribution we can help ensure a brighter future for the brave pioneers of the Negev.