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Mitzpe Ramon Music Studio

The Mitzpe Ramon music studio will create a space in the south of Israel that will develop local musical culture for adults and children alike. A vibrant Israeli music scene is emerging out of the development towns of the south, so this new facility located in Mitzpe Ramon will provide local musicians with professional equipment and resources to create, practice and upgrade their musical skills. The studio will enrich their creativity and facilitate their cultural development.

The studio will include two rooms: a control room, which will be operated by specially permitted technicians, and a rehearsal and performance room, where performers can be recorded. Both of these rooms will be well equipped to a high standard.

Founded in 1956, Mitzpe Ramon is a remote desert town with a population of 5,500. The town’s community centre where the studio will be based was established in 1973 as a not-for-profit organisation tasked with addressing the community’s social and cultural needs. The centre serves all of the town’s residents by providing activities, services and programmes in accordance with the community’s needs. Because of their geographical isolation, it plays a vital role in reducing social and cultural gaps for residents.

Most of the activities held in the music studio will be aimed at children and teenagers studying at the local conservatory. The conservatory has tripled its activity in the last few years, resulting in the re-opening of a large unused building close to the community centre. This building, where most of the conservatory’s classes now take place, will also house the new recording studio.

In addition to serving the conservatory’s needs, the goal is to offer rehearsal rooms, recording studios and professional services to regional and national musicians at competitive rates, generating income and employment for Mitzpe Ramon residents.

JNF UK is working on other music projects in Israel. We are currently renovating and expanding the music conservatory in Yerucham, which has been named after JNF UK legator Stanley Grossmith and provide ongoing support to the Bikurim Performing Arts School in Eshkol.