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Nachshon Leadership Programmes

Nachshon is a year-long leadership programme aiming to create young leaders who can inspire change and who are committed to the improvement of Israeli society.

The young people participating in the programme acquire important leadership skills and learn about the land and their place within Jewish History.

Currently, Nachshon operates from three campuses in Israel’s south but wants to expand by developing a new campus in the Eshkol region, close to the Gaza border.

The new campus will bring life to the area, but also, through volunteering activities, there will be a positive impact on communities in the region who have suffered from constant rocket attacks. JNF UK previously supported the development of their Sderot campus and now will assist in developing this new campus which needs major renovation. Work will include developing six dormitories, housing for staff, a kitchen, a dining hall, bathrooms and two large bomb shelters.

Once this is completed, Nachshon will be able to accommodate 50 participants on campus. As a natural outcome, graduates who enlist will reach their military draft more prepared, mature and fit for the IDF service. They are more motivated to serve in general and specifically in meaningful and influential roles such as officers, commanders, instructors and educators.