JNF UK works to advance all aspects of life in Israel’s underdeveloped south. From improving education and welfare to boosting employment and healthcare, JNF UK aims to draw new life to the Negev and improve the lives of those who call the region home.

With help from our supporters, we have dramatically enhanced the lives of countless people in the region, and continue to work tirelessly to transform the lives of many more.

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Joy Bickler Arad Youth Centre

Providing teenagers who come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds with a safe place to enjoy leisure time and prepare for army service. Read More

Sderot Park and Playground

JNF UK is improving the quality of life for the embattled residents of the front-line towns in Israel’s south including Sderot. Read More

Young Adult Centre, Kiryat Malachi

Promoting social mobility in a development town by providing services and guidance to young adults to encourage higher education, career development, and community engagement. Read More

Public Parks, Yerucham

Creating green open spaces that will make the development town of Yerucham a better place to live and encourage new settlement. Read More

Gvahim International Talent Hub Programme

The International Talent Hub programme brings the brightest, best and most highly skilled new immigrants to the Negev. Its aim is to attract highly educated Olim and their families to the south of the country, helping this area thrive. Read More

Ezra Le’Marpeh Rehabilitation Centre, Sderot

JNF UK is working with Ezra LeMarpeh to construct a state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre in Sderot, a city on the Israel-Gaza border. This new facility will serve the whole Negev region, providing life-changing care to tens of thousands of people living in southern Israel who have been abandoned by the healthcare system and have nowhere to turn. Read More